A Holy Unsettling.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been waiting. Waiting for the next big thing. The next idea, the next adventure. No matter how content I am, I always feel a little bit… unsettled. 

I’ve often fought against this feeling. Even experienced guilt over it, because I worry that I’m not living in contentment. The truth is, I’m pretty low-maintenance, & easily contented… but that feeling of being a little unsettled still lingers.

I sometimes call it the “gypsy” in my soul. At times, I can almost feel a new adventure coming. It’s like an excited tingling feeling going down my spine. When I step outside on a chilly fall morning, I want to jump in the car & drive to places unknown. Sometimes it’s not connected with going somewhere, but instead I feel the urge to DO something. Move into a new area, learn something, connect with more people. Talk about hard and holy things.

One day last week, I was listening to Jess Connelly speak about her upcoming book, Dance, Stand, Run. I heard her say: “I was feeling… unsettled.” “Wait.. WHAT?” I stopped chopping chicken & leaned in closer to hear. As she recounted the story of asking for prayer over this “unsettled” feeling, she shared something incredibly profound:

I think your soul is meant to feel a little bit unsettled.

Let me tell you; that stopped me dead in my tracks. I stopped prepping dinner & paused the video. I’ve pondered over it, prayed over it… mused on it for days.

Perhaps our souls are meant to feel a little bit unsettled. After all, that unsettled feeling creates an atmosphere of readiness for whatever adventure God calls me into next. If I was settled, I might not want to change plans at the last minute to follow his call. (Like the Corner Chair Rebrand!) We aren’t meant to be settled too deeply into this world, right? There’s always going to be that tug to another life. That inner longing to go somewhere better. Maybe it’s a Holy unsettling.

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on the earth. ~Colossians 3:2

Do you feel that unsettled feeling deep in your soul? The next time you do; take some time & see if it’s a Holy unsettling.

Let me encourage you to:

  • Ponder it:

Pray that contentment would fill your heart, no matter how unsettled you feel. Ask God for guidance as you search out the unsettling. If there something (or someone) tugging at your heart-strings, then start searching it out.

  • Seek Change:

If that unsettled feeling is really from God, He won’t give it to you without (eventually) showing you what to do with it. Seek His face, & see if that unsettled feeling is leading you anywhere.

  • Get Ready!

Whenever I feel that Holy unsettling, there’s almost always an adventure around the corner. It might be a day out caring for dear friends, or a week spent on something that I hadn’t planned on… there’s usually something exciting waiting around the corner.

For as long as I can remember, I've always been waiting. Waiting for the next big thing. The next idea, the next adventure. No matter how content I am, I always feel a little bit... unsettled. Click to keep reading!


May we always feel settled in God… forever and ever, amen. 👌🏻 But perhaps we’re meant to feel a little bit unsettled here. Maybe that’s just another way God can remind us that we’re not of this world. Maybe… just maybe… it’s His way of keeping our hearts always ready for the incredible adventures He longs to take us on.


Have your ever felt a Holy Unsettling?



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