Adventure – Are You Ready to Chase Wonderment?

Adventure. The idea sends that good kind of chill down my spine. It usually makes me long for something new. Something different and exciting. Adventures tend to look very different (for me, anyway!) This time of year always give me the travel bug. As a kid, my family always took our vacations in the fall, & we would traverse the East Coast looking for antiques and museums. When I wake up and feel an autumn chill in the morning air?  All I want is a cup o’ joe and a car with good fuel mileage. 😉

Other adventures also take hold of my heart… brainstorming new creative ideas, or seeking new business opportunities. There are times when I just have to try something new. I might see a project on Pinterest, or get the urge to pack the kids up in their jammies to look at Christmas lights. Adventure is everywhere, no matter if you live a busy life, or want to lead a quiet life.

Wake Up And Smell the Endless Possibility - 4 Tips to help get ready for ANY adventure!

Adventure looks SO very different for each one of us. For me, it’s a good mix of staying at home and taking gypsy adventures when the wild blows just right. You might prefer traveling the world for years, or never leaving home since you have a good book and a cup o’ joe. The best part of life is chasing after wonderment… it helps keep life exciting, so we don’t get stuck when life feels mundane.


So… how can we chase Wonderment each day?


Be Ready:

No matter where you are in your life, there are always new opportunities. Have you ever almost “felt” an adventure coming your way? I get that “gypsy” feeling, and I’m ready and waiting for something new to show up on the horizon. Other times the adventure shows up before I’m expecting it, and I have to readjust my sails and head in a new direction.


Follow Your Gut.

Have you ever had moments where you can just sense that you’re chasing the right dream? Or, you suddenly have that gut feeling that you need to let a plan go, and move on? It’s that “gut instinct”  (For me, I think it’s often the Holy Spirit!) that you just have to go with, no matter what. If someone says it’s not a good idea, but you feel like you need to go there… then go. Chase it. Don’t be afraid to head down that path, and see where wonderment takes you!


Roll With It.


Wonderment doesn’t always end up how we expect it. I started Corner Chair over 5 years ago, and had not planned on changing my business name at ALL! But, suddenly… a new adventure was in front of me, and it’s been so much fun to see this space change in just a few weeks. Sometimes when a new adventure shows up in your path, it’s unexpected. I’ve found the unexpected adventures are often my favorites. ☺️ Just Roll with it!


Enjoy the Ride!

Sometimes I have to remind myself to enjoy the excitement of life! I get caught up in daily tasks, or get bent out of shape when my plans don’t go exactly as I had expected. That’s the beauty of this life… it always has twists and turns that we aren’t expecting. So; do you want to fight against every turn this crazy roller coaster takes, or raise your hands up high and scream?

Adventure - How to get ready for Any adventure that comes your way!


Are you ready for another adventure? Can you feel the excitement that comes with it? Let me remind you: the God who made us is Infinite. His creativity is ENDLESS, and He wants us to be ready for all the crazy ideas he’s got planned. Its not always going to be easy. We’ll encounter all kinds of hard things. But I can promise you this; it’s totally worth it.


What new adventure are you heading towards next?


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