I am Both.

I am a wandering soul. There’s nothing I love more than the open road, good company, and snacks. If there’s not enough adventure in my life, I quickly feel bored and stuck.

I am also a homebody. To me, there’s nothing better than a cozy blanket, a good cup of coffee, and my favorite journal.

Here’s the problem: I get sucked into the trap of comparison FAR too easily. I see the amazing adventures of friends I follow on Instagram, and wish that I was more outdoorsy. Then I see the cozy creativity of my introverted, homebody friends often makes me wish I wasn’t such a gypsy.

Somehow, they can both co-exist. I can be wholly me. I am both quiet and loud. Hyper and relaxed. Excited and bored. These complete opposites often make me feel like I’m being pulled in two opposite directions. On one hand, I long for crazy adventures, climbing mountains and traveling down the road armed with only a tent and a sleeping bag. On the other hand, I hate hot weather and mosquitoes and spiders.

Somehow I am both. Somehow, I equally adore adventures in the wild, and staying at home for days with knitting needles and my toddlers. This is MY kind of wild. It’s a beautiful blend of cozy and adventure, comfortable and new… and it’s me.

And it’s OKAY. It’s okay to feel pulled in both directions, because that’s part of what makes me… well, Me. There will be days where I’m wild and crazy, and days full of quiet and introversion. I can be both, and I don’t have to be like anyone else. Mostly, I just have to live fully, and embrace who I’m meant to be. I can be an adventuring-homebody.


I am Both.


How about you? Do you ever struggle with comparing
yourself to other people? How do you find rest in who you are? 


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