January Journal Prompts

It’s a new month… AND a new year!!! There’s nothing I love more than the excitement of January. I always feel so encouraged and energized. Planning, preparing, and writing down all the hopes & dreams of a new year is SO exciting. 😍

If you’re been reading my blog for awhile, then you know that I’m a HUGE fan of journaling, and use a personal “quiet time” journal as well as a bullet journal. Each month this year I’m planning to create a list of special journaling prompts for you. I hope this month’s prompts encourage you to set goals, dream big… & look towards the new year with hope and joy!

(Click the picture below to download a printable copy!)



I hope you enjoy welcoming in the new year with these daily writing prompts!

So, tell me… what’s your B I G G E S T hope for the New Year?



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