Life Lately.

Today… absolutely NOTHING has been accomplished. My #chasingwonderment project over on Instagram got derailed by a puking toddler. Colds and snot and baby bellies don’t mix well. 😕 The house is a disaster. Dinner is late. Sarah & Duck have been playing on repeat…

Sick days are good for naps.

But it’s been a good day. My friend came over and we laughed while the kids played. I snuggled my tiny humans. It was just good to slow down. Right now, I’m managing to burn dinner on the stove while Miss T throws her 82nd tantrum of the day (it’s about MegaBlocks, by the way). Yay Me! 😂

Sometimes I just need a good reminder to slow down. To do something crazy, like Hubs and I did on Saturday night when we packed up the kids and went to an old car show. We didn’t get home until midnight. It was SO much fun! Then on Sunday we slept in, at breakfast together, and headed to IKEA. We wore the kids out, ate yummy food, and bought plasticware. #adulting

Babe, lean down so you are in the picture! (Short girl problems)

This past weekend has made me see that growth is happening. Sometimes I feel stuck, because my adventure-loving heart gets bogged down by the daily-ness of life. I have felt like this year is the year for growth… but each day often feels the same. In all honesty, daily life isn’t always that glamorous.

But with the changing of seasons comes the realization that I also need to change, to grow. I let myself get so stuck by staying at home. By doing NOTHING, I am wasting EVERYTHING. Everything I have is right here, right now. Dreaming of the future is no good if the present isn’t full of the good stuff in life.

So, I slow down. Breathe in and out, make spaghetti for dinner, because it’s easy. Another cup of coffee. Another hug for the sobbing toddler (this time because I told her she couldn’t climb into the laundry basket to attack my sewing machine). I’m hatching a plan to go on a walk at a local park this week… letting little legs run off energy and enjoying the beauty of nature.

I need to get out more.

It’s time for change. For growth. Time to embrace this season of tantrums and snuggles, and enjoy the times slow and adventure. This is life. This is what chasing wonderment looks like for me… how about you?


I would really love to chat with you… what’s one thing you
would like to add to daily life to create more wonderment?

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