One Wild & Precious Life.

I saw a quote the other day that took my breath away with its thought-provoking simplicity:

I want my life to feel Wild & Precious... & I'm the only one that can change that.

Before all the changes began taking shape with Corner Chair, there was a lot of soul-searching going on. It was pretty obvious that certain areas of my life weren’t in balance. I wasn’t enjoying the life I had chosen, the life that I’d loved for years. I realized I wasn’t enjoying the smaller moments of each day, & many things that I had loved for years had become monotonous. After a while, I finally got to the root of the problem: I was Bored. (Which is ironic, considering how much I was doing!) I’m such a idea-person, & I felt stuck in a work that didn’t change. The truth is that it had gotten old a long time ago, & I needed something new.

So; I made some changes. Small changes… & big changes. These changes might not seem very “wild” to most people. (I’m not one of those people who wants to go on adventures across Europe, with only a small bag of essentials & one pair of shoes.) I’m quite happy staying in East Podunk, thankyouverymuch. But the changes I made have helped me get back to my roots… getting to enjoy the simple things of life. The dreams I have are crazy-wild, & they are perfect for me.

To me, the “wild” part looks like gloriously messy, craft supply explosion in the living room. Life overflowing with creativity. Making stuff. Half-finished projects put on hold. Coming up with new ideas before I’m finished with the last ones. Always learning new things about myself, the way I think & figure out problems. Wildly free to search out what I love & being determined enough to stick with a goal until I see it through to completion.

The “precious” part looks like family, friends, & home. Making sure to do things throughout the day that are good for me & my health. Eating healthier, making time for exercise. Family. Loving on my little ones when they are cranky (yesterday!). They won’t be little for long. Date nights with Hubs. Movie-nights with friends. Coffee-dates with girlfriends. This life I live is precious… & I don’t want to waste it.

I want my life to feel Wild & Precious... & I'm the only one that can change that.

What do you plan to do to make a wild, precious life?


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