Feeling Overwhelmed?

Hi, friend. Do you mind a story? It’s mine… so I hope I don’t bore you. ☺️ For a few years now, I have dealt with cycles of feeling completely overwhelmed. (Trying to run a business while raise two toddlers is EXHAUSTING, ya’ know?) I felt so much false guilt over that fact that I wasn’t really enjoying life, but I didn’t know what to do to change it. The more stressed I got, the more false guilt I felt. I was longing for MORE. I wanted adventure and mystery. Excitement, with new ideas and new prospects. Then I would feel guilty for not being content. (Yeah… for real.) I would pull myself out of the overwhelm for a while, only to find myself right back there a few days later. It was a never-ending cycle of overwhelmed YUCK. I often asked myself;

What would it take for me to love life?

Let me just tell you; Jesus is cool. It’s only by His grace that I can tell you: it IS possible to overcome feeling overwhelmed. He led me straight into the idea of Slow Living, & I started figuring out what that looked like when applied to my own life. I let my body rest. Took more naps, breaks, and began letting stressful things go instead of hanging on to them. As life began to slow down, the pressure to say “Yes” wasn’t stuck in the front of my mind anymore. The stress I had taken on (unnecessarily) beginning to subside. The next step was to stop allowing guilt over simple (STUPID) things. It has taken a while, but shutting off the “guilt switch” in my head is getting easier & easier. (Still working on that one!) A few months into this process, I realized:

Nothing had to change… except ME.

I found out that the overwhelming grace of Jesus can overwhelm everything else. I began to take more time for relationships. And for the first time in a while, I felt a glimmer of excitement for the unknown.

Feeling Overwhelmed? It's possible to learn how to defeat overwhelm, and experience the wonderment that life holds!


So: How did I begin to fight feeling overwhelmed?


  • I learned that saying “NO” gets you closer to living well. Learning that it’s okay to say it hard for some of us. We like to make others happy; or we really want to do All. The. Things. In reality, our overcommitting pushes us closer towards feeling overwhelmed.


  • I’ve learned that self care is KEY to defeating overwhelm. As a wife, mom, & business owner, I tend to let everything come before my own needs. It’s a great thing to take care of others, but it’s really hard to give when you’re not feeling well rested & filled. For me, overwhelm begins to build every time I put myself on the back-burner.


  • I’ve also learned that when I don’t take time for my faith, I’m setting myself up for feeling overwhelmed. (This is probably the MOST important point for me!) If my God has called me to do something, then shouldn’t I let Him help me stay strong and able while I’m following His lead. I try to set aside some “Jesus-time” each morning.


Learning how to rest & seek Jesus has helped me fight feeling overwhelmed.

I have begun heading down the path of living well this year. (It’s always a work in progress!) When we’re not feeling knocked over by overwhelm, we are able to see the beauty and joy that we’ve been given. It’s possible to experience the wonderment and adventure that life holds. I hope you’ll join me in chasing wonderment!


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