Simple Tips for Journaling

I have journaled off and on since I was a young teen. At first, I think I started journaling after reading Anne of Green Gables, because writing in a journal seemed like the most “romantical” thing to do. 😂 Many days were spent scribbling away the silly thoughts and dramas that all teens go through. I filled book after book… and usually threw them away as soon as they were full.

Since the teenage drama days, journaling has become an almost necessary part of my life. I use it to pray, to think… and sometimes to vent. 😬 There’s something soothing to me about putting words on an empty page. It helps me step away from the clutter inside my head, and to sort it all out on paper. Journaling has been a lifeline for me… it’s a safe place where I can be myself. I talk to Jesus, scribble out mind maps, figure out marriage, motherhood, and write about LIFE, really.

If you’ve always wanted to write a journal, but have never started (or have never stuck with it after a few weeks)… then this is right where you belong! Before you get started with journaling, you’re going to need a few simple supplies:


  1. A Journal –

    Doesn’t have to be anything fancy! I usually buy mine from the craft store or Target! Whenever I see that I’m getting close to the end of one, I hunt for a new one whenever I’m out shopping. I prefer college-lined journals, because I don’t like the wasted space of bigger lines.

  2. A Pen –

    This is entirely up to your preference! I really like black Pilot G2 pens. They are smooth and last a really long time. Make sure to buy some extras of your favorite pen next time you’re out shopping… you’re going to need more. 🙂

  3. Coffee –

    This one might just be me… 😂 I can’t journal until I’ve had at least one good cup of coffee! A hot cup o’ joe seems to help my creative juices flow, and it makes me feel cozy and settled, too.

Now that we’ve got our supplies… let’s get ready to journal!

  • Start with Journaling a few days Each Week.

    Don’t overwhelm yourself with grand plans to write every day. Try to write 2-3 days a week, and if you miss a few (or all of them!), don’t stress about it! The goal is to make this a habit, so you can either record tidbits of life that you want to remember, or have a place that is completely your own in the midst of busy.

  • Set aside a Time & Place.

    Always, ALWAYS choose a time and a place to write. Creating a specific margin for your writing time makes it easier to stay consistent. I like to journal first thing in the morning (before the kids are awake), and in my spot on the couch… armed with a cup of coffee. I’m totally up for moving my space to the great outdoors if the weather is pretty, though!

  •  Follow your Inspiration!

    If a prompt doesn’t line up with whatever is on your mind or heart that day, just do your OWN thing! Journals are a great place to share things that are closest to your heart, and it’s okay if you need to do your own thing… in fact, that’s the best way to journal!

  • Be creative!

    If you’re the artistic type, then draw alongside your journaling! Or, illustrate a topic instead of writing! You can scrapbook in your journal, use collage or wash tape… whatever inspires you to keep going in the journey.


I hope this helps you begin to make journaling a lifestyle, and that it will inspire you to make space in your life for writing down your thoughts, ideas, and dreams. Happy writing, friend!


How about you: Have you always been into journaling, or are you
interested in getting started? I’d love to chat in the comments!


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