What is Chasing Wonderment?

Do you remember when you were a child, and everything new you experienced seemed so… Magical? I remember going to the aquatic museum and getting to feel a manta ray for the first time. That feeling of water and creature gliding under my fingertips made my eyes light up with wonder and delight. (I always wanted to be a mermaid.) Somehow as we get older that changes. Things surprise and amaze us less and less. Everything is “normal”. Life becomes mundane as we travel from home to work, to the gym, then back home again. In a few short years, our sense of wonder goes from overdrive to nonexistent. Can we get back to chasing wonderment?

Why have we lost our sense of wonder? This world is full of so many incredible things… it’s so big that we probably couldn’t experience all of the wonders the world holds. But we allow it to become mundane. We forget to find wonder in the small moments, and don’t make time to sit in awe at God’s creation. To revel in the beauty of this amazing world… this amazing LIFE.

Chasing Wonderment is about recapturing that sense of awe again…

 and NEVER letting it go.

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Why have we lost our sense of Wonder?

Honestly, it’s because we grow up. We get lost in the mundane things of life. The coffee perks in the morning, just like it does every day. When was the last time you stopped to just smell that good roasted scent of freshly ground coffee? The drive to and from work is the same all week, but when was the last time you stopped to look at the sunset on your way home? We get SO caught up in our daily, grown-up lives that we forget to look for the magic in the incredible life we’ve been given.


How can we seek Wonderment?

Is it possible to chase wonderment in the daily-ness of life? Ummm… YES! I am learning that wonderment is EVERYWHERE. You just have to open you eyes and look for it. Look for the sight of the autumn leaves covering the ground, or the full moon. Sometimes, you have to open your nose and smell it. It’s found in the smell of the air when autumn closes in, or maybe the scent of your special someone’s favorite cologne. Awaken your senses and start seeking… start chasing.


What does Chasing Wonderment look like?

What awakens a sense of wonderment and awe is different for everyone. For me, I have to intentionally slow down and take time to notice the beauty all around me. (30 Days of Slow has helped me so much with this!) Smell the amazing smells, laugh and share life with amazing people. How about you? What brings you a sense of wonderment? Is it seeing your goals accomplished? Is your sense of wonderment very connected to one or two of your senses?


Chasing Wonderment: Living a life FULL of wonder and magic.


I don’t want to lose my sense of wonderment ever again. I plan on living life to the absolute fullest. I’m with Peter Pan when he said “I WON’T grow up!” because I won’t outgrow the wonder of living again. Instead, I want to chase it. To seek it out, and never forget what it feels like. Would you like to join me?


Over on Instagram, I’m sharing photos of my moments of wonderment. Do you feel in awe while hiking a trail, or when you hear the birds as you sip your coffee in the quiet of the morning? Share it with others using the hashtag

#chasingwonderment !


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